Session 7

In our last session we went over engagement and passion in organizing. Similar to our discussion, I’d like to hear again how each person plans on becoming engaged in an area they feel passionate about. For those of you who were unable to attend please read through the comments and write on how you feel about a specific (or broad) issue and what you think you can do to become more engaged in that issue.


Session 6: Civil Rights

Hello all! For those blogging this week, answer the following questions. Think about our workshop, Battle of the buildings, and what we discussed in both small and large groups.

After learning about your identity as a JA, was it difficult to grasp the idea of your identity as an API?
What were your initial reactions after learning about issues like immigration, access to education, and LGBT issues? How do you feel about it now? Were you aware these issues existed in the API community?

Retreat Response

Statewide retreat took place July 17-19th.

What are your thoughts on it? Feel free to write about anything you want (people, events, etc)

Sessions 4 & 5

For those of you assigned to blog for Session 4, were you surprised to learn CBOs like JANM and LTSC were comprised of one staff worker during the beginning? What are some qualities a person and/or community must have to build a successful organization?  Is there something you are passionate about that you’d like to see in this community?

Also, since you’re writing for Session 5, write up 2-3 questions relating to your final project theme. Ex: “When you think of Little Tokyo what do you see?” (theme: Little Tokyo Past, Present, and Future)

For those of you who were not assigned, please respond to them (it does not have to be all of them, just the ones you find interesting) Feel free to post your own questions as well.

Session 3: Little Tokyo & You

Before getting into the heavy blogging, how is everyone’s summer going?  Anything you’d like to share (besides stuff from Project Community) about what you’re doing this summer?

Topic: Before session 3 where did you get your Little Tokyo history from?  Relatives, other community programs, school?  Was there anything different that you learned in particular about LT during the tour that your were unaware or found interesting?

Session 2: Identity & Community

For those of you blogging this week I’d like you to think back on the session and how you showed your sense of community identity. How do you align and identify yourself within the Japanese American (JA) community? After the activities did you feel more connected to the JA Community at large? And what are the attributes that define you as an individual within this community?

I know this is a bit of a difficult topic but try your best and don’t feel like there’s any “right” answers here.

Session 1: Physical Space

Power of physical space: During the session, we went over a lot about physical space and the importance it has on individuals and a community. Now I’d like you to explain 2 places in your community that are important to you.  They can be anything, basketball courts, grocery stores, even your school (if you’re fond of it).  Just be sure to explain what the location means to you and why the place is of particular importance.