Session 3: Little Tokyo & You

Before getting into the heavy blogging, how is everyone’s summer going?  Anything you’d like to share (besides stuff from Project Community) about what you’re doing this summer?

Topic: Before session 3 where did you get your Little Tokyo history from?  Relatives, other community programs, school?  Was there anything different that you learned in particular about LT during the tour that your were unaware or found interesting?


4 Responses

  1. Before session three, most of my knowledge of Little Tokyo history came from another tour led by the Japanese American National Museum docents that I went on with Rising Stars. The tour we took this time, however, covered the historical significance and cultural changes of the time more in depth. I got to know why certain areas of Little Tokyo are so important to keep around and how much they meant to the people during their time periods.

    After the tour, we got to hang out at Tuesday Nights Cafe and listen to some amazing artists express their feelings. I didn’t know that so many artists were trying to gather the community together and express themselves. It was a fun experience that I won’t ever forget. 🙂

  2. Hi everyone! Well prior to the third session of Project: Community!, my knowledge of Little Tokyo came from my father and aunt. They used to and still continue today to tell me about their favorite memories in Little Tokyo, such as Nisei Week and trips to Maruya and other Manju Shops. Although I haven’t been on other tours of Little Tokyo, I really enjoyed the tour we took this session.
    Something really interesting that stood out to me on the tour was the timeline of shops and historic sites on 1st Street. I also enjoyed the trip to Tuesday Night Cafe, and am looking forward to the next time we can visit. See you all tomorrow!

  3. Before this program, I attained my knowledge of Little Tokyo from relatives like my grandma and grandpa, who was a 442nd veteran. Not only did they embed the history of Little Tokyo within me, but they established a pride for the JAs that i continue to exhibit today. Also, as Colin said, JANM educated me of the historical precedent of WWII JAs when i was younger.
    The Little Tokyo atmosphere is much more than Manju shops and Ramen houses. Through the tour that we took last Tuesday, I learned of the historical landmark that First Street stood for. In addition, I found the Tuesday Night Cafe to be the most interesting, as it serves as a commonground for people to implement all different types of art within the Japanese American community.

  4. My Little Tokyo history came from my parents and other relatives. They used to come down town during their college days to eat and hang out with friends. It was the “Old Town” for their generation. From what I have heard, LT used to be much more alive back then; people lining the streets, just celebrating being a Japanese American. I really wish I was alive back then.
    Well, before this tour I never actually walked through Little Tokyo. Every time I came downtown, it was for a rushed errand to get food or buy a gift at Rafu Bussan. I did not know the building across from the museum was the original museum. Although I did know about the timeline which is probably the only thing I did know prior to the tour. The trip to Tuesday Night Café was also amazing. Soojin was my favorite. She was incredible!
    Sorry for the belated blogging 

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