Session 7

In our last session we went over engagement and passion in organizing. Similar to our discussion, I’d like to hear again how each person plans on becoming engaged in an area they feel passionate about. For those of you who were unable to attend please read through the comments and write on how you feel about a specific (or broad) issue and what you think you can do to become more engaged in that issue.


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  1. Session 7

    The areas where I would like to be more engaged is Keeping the Arts in Schools. To me, the arts are very important and yet they are the first to go. They’re important because you can express yourself. I wouldn’t be the girl I am today if it weren’t for my Elementary school music teachers, Mrs. Mary Herzbern and Mr. Glen Kamida. Mrs. Mary taught me to sing, Mr. Kamida taught me the flute and cello. Oh, and Mrs. Dohzen, my committed piano teacher. (and let me tell you, she is one tough cookie.) Now that I’m in High School, I have been exposed to the joy of the THEATRE. I love theatre now, I love the spontaneousness of it. You could be anything you’re not and still be yourself. (thanks/props to my theatre teacher, Ms. Benone)

    To become engaged with keeping the arts in schools, I could join the Fine Arts Community Club at school maybe? I’m still not sure. I really would like to be an advocate for Keeping the Arts in Schools campaign, but I’m not sure how to.

    I would also like to be involved with Animal Cruelty/Animal Rights. It irked me to hear about the artist who used a starving/dying dog to “express themselves”. The artist not only got away with having that as a piece and showing it at their show, but also the charges that shouldve been charged. I want to know why people abuse their animals, and to stop the reason why they are. It’s just not right to have another being struggle.

    To be engaged with this issue, I don’t know how to be honestly. 😛

  2. This past session we talked. liked they said about becoming engaged in different issues. The different topics that our guest speakers were passionate about were very interesting. We broke out into little discussion groups, and I chose to go to one where the Bus Riders Union was the topic. It was fascinating to listen to her talk about her job entails. She goes out (actually on the buses), she has a moving office, and discusses different issues with the bus riders.

    Some things that are intruiguing to me are community artwork and keeping Little Tokyo alive and thriving. I loved the session where we learned about community art. Art is such a great way to get the community interested and involved in different issues. Artwork is not only beautiful and contributes to a city’s culture, but it also educational. There is so much that a piece of art can tell you that words alone can’t. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

    I hadn’t been to Little Tokyo for a long time before coming every tuesday to the project community meetings, and by coming every tuesday and exploring the community not only during our sessions but before as well, I’ve noticed how the community has changed since my last visits long ago. Some of the changes are doing well and helping the Little Tokyo community thrive, but I feel that other businesses are taking away from what Little Tokyo was made and stands for. I don’t believe we should have a Johnny Rockets in LT. Johnny Rockets belongs in a mall or somewhere else. LT is a place where people should be enveloped in Japanese or Japanese American traditions and businesses.

    There are many things that I am passionate about, but after going to project community for the better part of an entire summer, I am truly interested in becoming more engaged in helping with these issues.

  3. Hey everybody!

    So last week we talked about areas that we are passionate about and engagement in organizing. For me, one area that I feel very passionate about is the preservation of Little Tokyo. LT has always been apart of my life, and I am very set on keeping the cultural traditions alive. By being apart of Project Community, I have been able to promote this issue, and have been exposed to other organizations that support this cause as well. I plan on always being involved with Little Tokyo and I want to join NCI and other programs and organizations to show my passion for LT’s preservation.

    See you all tonight!

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